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How long will it take my carpet to dry?

Dry times for carpet vary depending on a number of factors. A general range is 6 - 8 hours. Upon our departure, we recommend adjusting the air conditioning 10 - 12 degrees lower than its normal setting to assist in the drying process. Please know that immediately upon our departure, damp carpet can be walked on without any negative consequences or damage. However, please be careful to avoid slip hazards.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?

In order to prepare your home for our arrival, we ask that you move items from the areas of carpet being cleaned. We can easily clean around any items that you do not move. There is a $5 per item fee to move, clean under and move back items such as sofas, loveseats, reclining chairs and end tables. Due to insurance restrictions we are not allowed to move pianos, pool tables, wall units, electronics or items of high value. We also request that the customer remove any fragile, delicate, breakable or valuable items, including cash, jewelry, works of art, electronics, lamps, antiques, or items of sentimental value prior to the start of service.

Do I have to be present for my cleaning appointment?

In certain circumstances, we will perfrom the service in the absence of the customer. This normally occurs when the premesis is vacant, due to a rental move out or home being placed on the market for sale. You may provide access for us to perform our services by providing a lockbox code or leaving a spare key at a place of your choosing. This arrangement along with payment details need to be arranged prior to the serivce.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend annual carpet cleaning for consumers to maintain their warranty. However, If you have pets, small children, wear shoes throughout your home, eat on carpeted areas, and vacuum less than 3x per week; we recommend professional carpet cleaning every 3 - 6 months to maintain the effective life of the carpet pile. Once your carpet looks visually unappealing, in many cases you've waited too long to schedule an appointment.

Why should I get carpet protector applied to my carpet after cleaning?

Carpet protector is applied to the carpet when it is produced at the manufacturer. After installation, the protector slowly degrades due to wear, cleaning and age. After cleaning, re-application of protector adds a layer of protection to the fibers and enables the carpet fibers to reach their full potential. Carpet protector on carpet is similar to wax on a car; it helps protect the carpet from the elements and extends the service life of the product. Here at Carpet Steamer 911, we only use brand name carpet protector at the correct dilution ratios. Other companies may charge cheaper prices but use watered down, no name products. When you choose Carpet Steamer 911, you are choosing a company that only uses the best products in the industry!

What method do you use to clean carpets?

We use a method called Hot Water Extraction (HWE) or Steam Cleaning. This means we use the same method to clean your carpets that you use for your vehicles, dishes, clothes and body. We use hot water, soap and a bit of elbow grease. This time tested and proven method produces great results and smiley faces.

Do I need to vacuum before my appointment?

Yes, it is very helpful. Roughly 74-79% of the dirt in carpet is in the form of dry soil and can be removed during the vacuuming process. It is always easier to remove soil when it is dry as compared to its wet, mud-like state after we apply cleaning solutions. When we arrive, we apply cleaning solutions and use high powered equipment to remove what's left. So vacuuming is extremely helpful in the cleaning process. Don't worry, if you don't have time, we can perform basic vacuum service for a nominal fee of $10 per room.

Will all of the stains in my carpet come out?

Due to the high quality detergents we use and the high temperature of our water, 90 - 95% of stains normally come out completely or will be less visible. For more difficult stains such as paint, urine, nail polish, dyes and rust, we will apply specialized stain removal products at an additional cost. We can never guarantee that all stains will be removed but rest assured, if we can't get them out, nobody can!

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

On average, it will take 15-20 minutes per room. However, heavily soiled carpet, pet urine treatments, furniture moving and specialty stain removal will add additional time to the process.

I've heard that cleaning my carpet will make it soil faster. Is this true?

This can be true if the carpets are not cleaned properly. When soaps are not rinsed out completely, it leaves a sticky residue on the carpet fibers which attract dirt and cause rapid resoiling. At Carpet Steamer 911, we use only the best detergents and rinse agents to remove all residue and leave only clean carpet behind. We never have a problem with rapid resoiling. Read our 5-star Google reviews to see what our customers have to say about our cleaning process.

My carpet was cleaned and now it has ripples and waves in it. What caused this?

This conditions is normally caused by the swelling and contracting of the individual carpet fibers due to the moisture added during the cleaning process. This condition is also a sign that the carpet needed to be stretched before the cleaning was performed. As the carpet dries this condition will normally reverse itself. If it does not, we can discuss re-stretching of the carpet to return it to its normal condition.

Will carpet cleaning remove fleas from my carpet?

To remove fleas from your home, we highly recommend our carpet De-flea / De-tick Treatment. Order this safe, yet effective service for each carpeted room in the home and rest knowing all insects have been destroyed (heavy insect infestation may require the use of a professional extermination company). This process is performed after cleaning the carpet and is the final step in ensuring these pests are gone.

I know you perform residential carpet cleaning. Do you service commercial as well?

Yes, we have different cleaning and maintenance plans for our commercial clients. Please call us for details.

How much will this cost?

The basic pricing can be found on our pricing page. Upon our arrival, if we discover something that costs additional or recommend an upgraded service, we will inform you before the cleaning process begins. At Carpet Steamer 911, we never have any hidden or surprise fees.


How does Carpet Steamer 911 compare to the big national carpet cleaning franchises I see on television?

Large national franchise companies exist to accommodate high volume work at a cheap price (similar to a chain hamburger resturant). Quality is NOT their main focus. As a small, family owned and operated, Clayton NC based business, Carpet Steamer 911 exists to provide specialized options for the most discriminate home owner. We are a small operation with services that set us apart from the rest of our competitors. Our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client allows us to shine in an industry where customer satisfaction is often lost. Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job and we resolve that our cleaning will be completed at a standard of perfection. Just a few facts that set us apart from the large national carpet cleaning companies you see on television: -Highest 5-star Google rated carpet cleaning company in Johnston County -Numerous 5 star reviews and recommendations on Facebook and Nextdoor - IICRC Certified Firm -Clayton Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business of the Year -Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month July 2019 -Owner operated, local Clayton family-owned business -Fully insured including worker's compensation insurance -Hundreds of pictures of our work on social media -Truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment with separate propane water heating system -Satisfaction Guarantee -Convenient online booking

Do you price match? because I've found a company that will clean my whole house for $79.

As you compare prices, make sure you ask a lot of questions and please keep a few things in mind. Carpet Steamer 911 is a company that is founded on QUALITY! This means client satisfaction is paramount to our existence. We spend a lot of money to ensure we have top of the line equipment, chemicals, insurance and pay our employees a high wage that ensures they give 100% on every job. From the appearance of our vans, our uniforms and even how we answer the phone; everything we do is at the highest level. But, please understand that this high level of service comes at a price and our service is not for everyone. You get what you pay for and if the only thing you care about is price, then we are not the company for you. If you want the best carpet cleaning service you've ever experienced, then give us a call. We are not the cheapest but we are the BEST!

I see your company is an IICRC Certified Firm; what does that mean?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an international certification designation that means we undergo annual training and testing to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest industry cleaning standards as it relates to the carpet cleaning industry. As an IICRC Firm, you can rest assured we apply the best industry standard cleaning processes to every job!

Do you have any examples of your work that I can see?

YES; please search Carpet Steamer 911 on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to see examples of our work. We are very proud of what we do :)

Do you guarantee your work?

It is the goal of Carpet Steamer 911 to make every customer completely satisfied. If there is a problem with the work that was performed, please let us know so we can address the situation. Normally, we return to the home and re-clean or touch up any problem areas. If that does not make you happy, we will be glad to discuss options to meet your satisfaction.

Are all of your services available through the Online Booking feature on your website?

Yes, our Online Booking feature is very easy to use. You have the ability to select any service that we provide, view the related pricing, schedule the time you want the service performed and send us all the information we need without having to make a phone call.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the convenience of our valuable clients we accept a wide range of payment types. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks and mobile payment services by PayPal, Venmo and Cash App. We will also take gold coins or a winning lottery ticket if you have it. :)


Can you apply some type of protector to guard against furniture spills?

Yes. The soils that accumulate on your furniture over time, along with daily use, causes the protective coating that came on your furniture to wear off. It is a good idea to apply fabric protector after your furniture is cleaned. This will help to repel future spills and prevent them from becoming stains.

What types of furniture do you clean?

We clean most synthetic types of furniture such as nylon, polypropelyne and microfiber. For specialty or natural fabrics such as silk, wool or cotton, we partner with a trusted local company who can accomodate those fabric types at their facilities. Please call us for a referral if you have these fabric types.

If the tag on my furniture recommends dry cleaning, can you clean my furniture?

Yes. That tag is required as the “Manufacturers’ Liability Code.” We will test your fabric to make sure it is safe and to determine which cleaning method is the best. Even though dry cleaning is recommended, it may not be the most effective method for removing all the soil.

Can you treat pet odor on my furniture?

Yes. Sometimes cats and dogs have accidents and while we can’t guarantee 100% removal every time, there is a lot we can do to restore the freshness to your upholstery. We have successfully removed general "wet dog" smell, urine issues, feces and vomit. Depending on the situation, we are confident we can either eliminate or greatly improve the situation.

How much will it cost?

The basic pricing can be found on our pricing page. Upon our arrival, if we discover something that costs additional or recommend an upgraded service, we will inform you before the cleaning process begins. At Carpet Steamer 911 we never have any hidden or surprise fees.

How long will it take my furniture to dry?

After the cleaning process, we will give you specific post-cleaning instructions. These will include tips for ensuring the furniture receives adequate ventilation for drying. As long as these tips are followed, most furniture shoud be completely dry within 4-8 hours. Heavily soiled upholstery requires additional detergents and rinsing so 8 hours is appropriate for that situation. Furniture requiring less aggressive cleaning will normally dry in under 4 hours.

How often should I get my furniture cleaned?

The frequency of furniture cleaning varies with lifestyle. A single occupant homeowner with no pets will require less frequent cleaning than a family of six with 2 dogs and a cat. The amount of usage of the upholstery and activities such as smoking and eating on the sofa will also decrease the time in-between cleanings. On average, furniture cleaning needs to be performed a minimum of once per year for the average household.

Tile & Grout

How do you clean my tile and grout?

First, we apply a powerful detergent designed specifically for tile and grout. Second, we either hand scrub or agitate the grout lines and tile with a counter-rotating brush machine. The final step is to extract all the detergent and waste with a high pressure, dual jet, tile spinner with water at 210 degrees into our truckmounted cleaning unit.

How often should I have my tile floor cleaned?

As with carpet and upholstery, many factors affect the frequency of tile and grout cleaning. Usage, pets, children and routine floor maintenance will affect how often you need to have your tile and grout cleaned. On average, for the normal household, tile & grout should be cleaned a minimum of once per year.

How much will it cost?

The basic pricing can be found on our pricing page. Upon our arrival, if we discover something that costs additional or recommend an upgraded service, we will inform you before the cleaning process begins. At Carpet Steamer 911 we never have any hidden or surprise fees.


What types of area rugs do you clean?

We clean most common area rugs made of synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropelyne. These types of area rugs are cleaned in home and are cleaned at a reduced price. For specialty rugs such as oriental or those made with natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk, we partner with a trusted company who specializes in cleaning these types of rugs. They offer pick-up and delivery service and their work is guaranteed. Please call us for a referral.

How much will it cost?

The basic pricing can be found on our pricing page. Upon our arrival, if we discover something that costs additional or recommend an upgraded service, we will inform you before the cleaning process begins. At Carpet Steamer 911 we never have any hidden or surprise fees.

How often should I get my rugs cleaned?

As with carpet and upholstery, many factors affect the frequency of rug cleaning. Usage, pets and children will affect how often you need to have your rug cleaned. On average, for the normal household, rugs should be cleaned a minimum of once per year. Wool and oriental rugs can be cleaned every 1-3 years depending on their construction, usage and routine maintenance.

How do you clean area rugs?

We clean area rugs with the same hot water extraction process used to clean carpet. First we pre-treat with a gentle cleaning solution, agitate, then extract with hot water. For synthetic fiber based area rugs, this is the best method possible.

I have an area rug on top of my hardwood floors. Can you still clean them?

Whenever possible, we always prefer to clean areas rugs away from hardwood flooring. However, that is not always practical. Under those cirumstances, we will clean them on top of hardwood flooring using a limited amount of moisture in order to avoid any type of damage to the flooring underneath.


Do you clean Linoleum floors?

Yes, over time linoleum flooring can accumulate dirt, grease and build up in its pores. A high temperature, deep cleaning will restore the look and feel of your kitchen flooring. More than just a mop and bucket, we will use our professional commercial grade equipment to make your floors POP!

Do you perform carpet stretching and repairs?

Yes, as carpet ages, it can develop imperfections and show wear which diminish its overall look and appearance. From stretching to removing wrinkles, seam repairs to fix problems around doors or patching to remove cigarette burns and stains; our IICRC Certified Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Technicians can help extend the life of your carpet and save you money. Call us today or schedule online!

Pet Issues

I have pets and my home smells like urine; can you help me?

Yes, we can help! Using Ultra-Violet Light Technology (UVLT), we will determine exactly where urine contamination has occurred, then determine if moisture is present in the carpet padding. Once this diagnosis is complete, we custom tailor a treatment program which will neutralize the salts, enzymes and bacteria found in urine and remove the odor from your home. Call us NOW if you are tired of your home smelling like urine and want some relief!

How much will it cost?

Our basic pricing can be found on our pricing page. There are many different treatment options available depending on your particular problem. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Approximately 25% of the work we perform has some type of pet related issue involved. We have a lot of experience solving these types of problems and still maintain a 5-star Google Review status. Call us NOW so we can bring happiness and enjoyment back to your home.

My pet had an accident and urinated on the carpet. What should I do?

Immediately take a few white paper towels and blot the area until it is dry. Do not allow the pet access to the affected area. Do not put anything on the affected area and call us for an appointment so we can clean the carpet with a pet urine treatment.

Can you recommend any pet urine products from my local store?

There are many good pet urine products at your local store as well as many effective home remedies which can be found online. Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability issues, we are not allowed to recommend or endorse any particular product or home remedy. If we recommend a product or home remedy then we are partially responsible for its outcome. For this reason, we recommend that you call us for an appointment if you encounter any pet related issues.

My pet got sick and there is diarrhea on my carpet. What should I do?

Pick up any solid waste with a paper towel and dispose of it. Do not put anything on the affected area and call us for an appointment. Our detergents are very effective against fecal matter as long as it has not been mixed with other chemicals. We cannot guarantee the stain will come out but we have had extreme success with our cleaning process.

My pet ate something and threw up. Now there is vomit on my carpet. What should I do?

Pick up any solid waste with a paper towel and dispose of it. Do not put anything on the affected area and call us for an appointment. Our detergents are very effective against vomit as long as it has not been mixed with other chemicals. We cannot guarantee the stain will come out but we have had extreme success with our cleaning process.

My pet sheds a lot. Will your cleaning process remove large amounts of hair?

Pet hair is best removed when it is dry. For that reason, vacuuming is the best method to remove pet hair. If you do not have the time or the means, we can perform Basic Vacuum Service for a small fee of $10 per room. For those needing a more deep cleaning to remove hair, we offer Advanced Vacuum Service for $20 per room. During the Advanced Vacuum Service, we breakout the Counter Rotating Brush Machine (CRB). This commercial grade piece of equipment has two sets of brushes; each moving in opposite directions. This powerful force digs deep into the carpet nap to remove sand, dirt, pet hair and contaminants lodged at the base of the carpet and bring it to the surface for removal during the extraction process. The ending result is an extremely clean carpet from the base to the top of the carpet fibers!

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