Residential clients in the Clayton, NC area agree that carpet at a home is an expensive investment. Let Carpet Steamer 911 protect your investment with our comprehensive, 7 step cleaning process. Our powerful truck-mounted equipment cleans at 220 degrees, removing contaminants, giving your carpet that fluffy, fresh feeling again. Our IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians use green cleaning agents that protect the environment while also protecting your health. Schedule Online to make your carpets look new again and experience the best carpet cleaning you've ever had.


You will want to kick your feet up and relax on your newly cleaned furniture after calling Carpet Steamer 911. We are IICRC Certified in Upholstery Fabric Cleaning and have the experience to get the job done correctly. As the premier upholstery cleaning firm in the Clayton, NC area, we specialize in cleaning many fabric types with our gentle, environmentally safe, oxygen based detergents. Our green system of cleaning will leave your couch soft and smooth and your love-seat looking brand new. Schedule Online so we can bring back the joy to your furniture.


Restoring stubborn tile and grout, making it look new again is our passion. Carpet Steamer 911 will remove all the dirt, grease and grime from grout lines and bring back the original look of your hard surface flooring. We use specialized, gentle cleaning detergents that work and will help extend the service life of your flooring. We service Clayton, NC & surrounding areas and would be proud to call you our client. Schedule online NOW!


Ensure that your durable linoleum flooring looks and wears well for decades to come with proper cleaning and maintenance. Properly cleaned and cared for, linoleum can easily last  many years in a high-traffic area of the home. Schedule your service online NOW!


Everyday dirt and grime can break down rug fibers that can cause damage, but regular rug cleanings can increase the beauty and life of your rugs. The professionals at Carpet Steamer 911 will gently remove contaminants from your rug and make them like new again. Schedule an appointment online for the best service ever!


Our low moisture, disinfecting, steam cleaning system removes stains, odors, allergens, spores, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and skin dander. Revive your mattress to its original clean state and notice the positive effect it has on your night's rest.

If urine is your problem, don't worry... we offer an effective mattress urine contamination service!


Roughly 74-79% of the dirt in carpet is in the form of dry soil and can be removed during the vacuuming process. It is always easier to remove soil when it is dry compared to its wet, mud-like state after we apply cleaning solutions. So vacuuming is extremely helpful in the cleaning process. For this reason, we ask our clients to vacuum thoroughly prior to our arrival.


However, we realize things happen. You run out of time, the vacuum cleaner breaks or you ran out of canister bags. When this happens, don't stress; we can perform this service for a nominal fee to ensure you get the most out of your professional cleaning. 


For the most demanding jobs, we breakout the Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) Machine. This commercial grade piece of equipment has two sets of brushes; each moving in opposite directions. This powerful force digs deep into the carpet nap to remove sand, dirt, pet hair and contaminants lodged at the base of the carpet and bring it to the surface for removal during the extraction process. The ending results is an extremely clean carpet from the base to the top of the carpet fibers!


Your home is full of things that have to stand up to everyday living - and still make you proud. With our range of Scotchgard Protectors and Cleaners, you can protect your carpet, furniture, and any fabric that's got an important job to do!

Carpet & Rug Protector - Stain protection against spills away from carpet fibers.

Upholstery Fabric Protector - Repels liquid and block stains without damaging fabric.


When accidents happen at home, there's no reason to panic. Call the professionals at Carpet Steamer 911. We have the training, experience and knowledge to remove or significantly improve most spill problems. We carry a vast array of spotting agents to penetrate deep into the fabric fibers and wash them away using our powerful truck-mounted hot water extractions system.

HEAVILY SOILED ROOM (Deep Scrub Agitation & Detergent Upgrade)

For areas with extreme foot traffic and staining, stronger detergent along with deep scrub agitation using the CRB is what's needed to restore the carpet fibers and bring them back to life. The CRB has rotating brushes that provide suitable agitation to loosen more dirt and scrub away deep stains that have been engrained in carpet fibers. Follow that with boiling hot water extraction and you will be amazed at the results!  



Included at no charge with any service:

  • FREE Fragrance

    • Linen

    • Cinnamon

    • Pine Eucalyptus

We proudly use Procyon's Green Cleaning Products

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