There are many causes associated with ripples forming in your wall-to-wall carpeting. From heavy furniture being pushed around the room, to high-traffic areas, your carpet will begin to loosen over time, leaving you with an unwanted ripple in the middle of your room. The longer you wait to correct it, the worse it will get. With the help of our IICRC Certified Carpet Repair & Re-installation Technicians, our re-stretch process will bring your carpet back to life.


Pets clawing away at your carpet? Whatever the cause of your split carpet seam, the repair calls for professional skills and tools. You can have those parted seams repaired in no time with a quick call to Carpet Steamer 911!

Our repairs will extend the service life of your carpet and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Why waste your money on a brand new carpet when you don’t have to?


You might've been able to ignore the small stain on the corner of the carpet, but how can you ignore that tear running through the middle? Patch up your carpet without lifting a finger by calling Carpet Steamer 911. Our IICRC Certified Carpet Repair & Re-installation Technicians will arrive and have your carpet looking like new in minutes!

Family pet chewed a couple of holes in your carpet? We can help with that too!


No one is fond of that little spot on the carpet which guests keep noticing. There are many homespun methods of removing stains, but ultimately, when the mark is there for good, the question becomes "how do we salvage the carpet around it?"

Our handy Cookie Cutter Tool is used to cut a  perfectly round circle in the carpet. Once a circle is cut out around the stain, it can be removed and replaced with a patch from a discreet, unseen area or carpet swatch that matches. 


Fraying carpet edges on the stairs is a common issue as the carpet pulls loose from the tacking that holds it at the edge. Unfortunately, the edge of a stair is also a common place for pets to claw resulting in frayed carpet on the risers. Whatever the cause, our IICRC Certified Carpet Repair & Re-installation Technicians can help fix those stairs right up!


For the most severe Pet Urine Damage we combine replacement of unsalvageable items with professional urine treatment services.

This service includes:

  • Remove urine contaminated tack strip & padding

  • Seal sub-floor with Kilz Odor Block Primer

  • Install new tack strip & padding

  • Perform pet urine enzyme treatment on carpet & carpet backing

  • Thoroughly dry using commercial grade air movers


Over time heavy furniture and objects placed on carpet can crush the fibers and cause unsightly damage. Most of the time these issues can be repaired or significantly improved. Book this valuable service and see if our magic can make those unpleasant dents disappear.


Don't let spilled wine ruin the party. Our red wine stain removal service will make those spots disappear. This valuable service works on most red wine stains, Kool-aid / Gatorade spills and many favored drinks. Do not treat the stain with over-the-counter products that do not work and lock in the damage. The less you do and the quicker we can perform our professional service, the greater the likelihood of success.


Finally, for those unsightly stubborn stains and annoying bleach spots, on solid colors or on multi-color and patterned carpet, we can remove the unsightly blemish and re-dye the area to match it to the original carpet color and design perfectly with the rest of the carpet. Let our IICRC Certified Color Repair Technicians show you how its done!

If you have a small spot on your carpet damaged by bleach or other chemicals, Carpet Steamer 911 can rescue you!

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